Pregnant Texas woman catches snake with bare hands while on the phone

This is the amazing moment a pregnant woman held her phone to her ear while using her bare hands to grab a wild snake that was laying in the road.

Multi-tasking mother-to-be Tawney Rauch stopped when she spotted the serpent and was worried it could be hit by a vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona, on April 25.

Tawney was on a phone call at the time and rather than end the call, she sandwiched the handset between her shoulder and ear.

Footage shows how she then walked over to the reptile and grabbed it without hesitating.

Passing driver Sky Gue recorded the pregnant woman grasping the nonvenomous Gopher snake with her bare hands to save it from getting hit by the cars.

She said "I was shocked by what the woman did. She is so brave."

Speaking afterwards, Tawney told local media that she was driving to her home in Rimrock from the grocery store when she noticed the 6ft long gopher snake in the road.

"It was the biggest snake I'd seen in awhile," she said. "It was too pretty of a snake to, like kill, or anything.''

Tawney left her car to take a picture of it but then she saw a car coming. Since she knew the snake wasn't poisonous, she took off her flip-flop sandal and used it to help her pick up the snake, all while on the phone with her husband.

The brave drive encouraged people to spend more time ''getting to know the wilderness and knowing the animals.''