Pregnant waitress shares customer's horrible note

A pregnant waitress has shared an “awful” note she received from a mum she was serving.

Ashley Lynn, who lives in the US, posted a picture of the note on Facebook adding she wasn’t initially going to share it until a co-worker persuaded her.

“May you have a long labour,” the note reads.

The woman who signed it also didn’t include a tip.

Ms Lynn claimed the woman wrote the note, and didn’t leave a tip, because she didn’t serve her daughter alcohol without asking for ID.

Waitress Ashley Lynn said she received this note from the mother of a girl she asked for ID. The pair wanted alcohol. Source: Facebook/ Ashley Lynn

“My second to last shift before maternity leave and I’m 8.5 months pregnant,” she wrote.

“My job is wonderful 98 per cent of the time. I meet great people who are incredibly generous and some turn into dear friends but for people who have never worked in the industry and don’t understand what we go through, here’s a little sneak peak.”

She called the woman part of the “ugly two per cent”.

“Not many times in my life have I been speechless but when I read this, I didn’t have words. Let’s all take a moment to hope this lady finds some happiness in her life,” Ms Lynn wrote.

Ms Lynn pictured with her partner. The note she received has been called 'despicable'. Source: Facebook/ Ashley Lynn

The note has been shared more than 72,000 times with people shocked by Ms Lynn’s treatment.

“This is despicable,” one woman wrote.

“You were just doing your job.”

Others called the note “terrible” and “disgusting” and labelled the woman who wrote it a “horrible person”.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” another woman wrote.

“People can be so mean but you’re right it’s her own unhappiness that would cause this.

“I wish you many good things.”

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