Pregnant Woman Injured in Truck Attack on Planned Parenthood Clinic, Say Police

Tom Porter

A man has been accused of carrying out a deliberate attack on a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic using a stolen bakery goods delivery truck.

Marckles Alcius, 31, was charged with attempting to cause widespread injury or damage following the incident in East Orange on Wednesday, reported ABC7.


Marckles Alcius Handout

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A pregnant woman was among the three people injured in the attack, all of whom received hospital treatment for their injuries, before being released.

The three injured were a staff member and two patients, police said.

Alcius also faces charges of six counts of aggravated assault and two weapons offenses, for using the stolen truck as a weapon.

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At a Friday court hearing, Alcius plead not guilty, and prosecutors said they would apply for Alcius to be kept in custody until his trial, the Associated Press reported.

Investigators have not disclosed a possible motive for the attack, or why they suspect the crash was intentional.

"The investigation is ongoing but at this point we do not have any information that he had a connection to this clinic," prosecutor's office spokeswoman Katherine Carter said in an email to

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy expressed his anger at the incident.

"Angered by this week's truck attack against a @PPFA clinic in East Orange. At a time when women's health care is under siege, we must protect and defend safe and affordable health care access for all," the governor said on Twitter.

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