Pregnant woman who pole danced right before going into labor credits the exercise for her quick recovery

Christina Spirig, a pole dancing instructor, continued her exercise right up to two hours before going into labor. (Photo: Christina Spirig via Instagram)

A pregnant woman didn’t let her third trimester stop her from doing what she loves: pole dancing.

Christina Spirig, a pole dancing instructor from Switzerland, continued to do her favorite form of exercise while pregnant and was even on the pole just hours before she went into labor. Despite her family’s concerns that the exercise might be dangerous for the baby, the 31-year-old believes she was able to recover from a difficult labor faster thanks to pole dancing.

Some people were worried that I would fall, or I was putting my baby in an unnecessary risk,” Spirig told the Sun. “My baby was always sleeping when I was dancing, so it [never seemed] distressed.”

Spirig was careful while pole dancing during her pregnancy, however. Starting when she was five months pregnant and began to show, Spirig stopped performing any tricks that would cause her stomach to touch the pole, along with any flips or drops.

Spirig initially started pole dancing after the birth of her 8-year-old son and now owns a pole dancing studio, Poledance Luzern.

Just two hours before her contractions began, Spirig was still on the pole, although she limited her exercise to only 45 minutes a week at that point. Seven weeks after giving birth, she returned to pole dancing.

“The longer you’ve already done pole dancing before you get pregnant, the better,” the mother-of-two explained. “I think pole dancing made my recovery from birth much easier because I practiced deep-core activations, which helped me to recover from my difficult labor.”

Experts recommend light to moderate amounts of exercise even in the third trimester, since it helps expectant moms regain some energy. Heidi Murkoff, the author of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, recommends 10-minute walks three times a day, a prenatal yoga class, or even easy laps in a pool. Pregnant moms should always consult a health care provider before engaging in new fitness programs, so don’t go hopping on any poles when you’re nine months pregnant if you’re a novice.

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