Which Premier League teams are on TV the most? Spurs the favourites and TNT hate West Ham

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard Credit: Alamy
Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard Credit: Alamy

No Premier League team is televised more often through to mid-November than Tottenham, but TNT Sports hate West Ham and the evidence is clear to see.

Sky Sports and TNT Sports have chosen their TV games for the first half of November. And they still don’t seem to realise Bournemouth, Burnley and Fulham actually exist.


Spurs – ten games
Sky Sports – Manchester United (h), Arsenal (a), Liverpool (h), Brentford (a), Fulham (h), Crystal Palace (a), Chelsea (h)

TNT Sports – Bournemouth (a), Luton (a), Wolves (a)

Honestly, Harry Kane might have been holding Spurs back. No Premier League team is on TV more often in the first three and a half months than Ange’s boys and it is little wonder.


Chelsea – nine games
Sky Sports – Liverpool (h), West Ham (a), Luton (h), Bournemouth (a), Fulham (a), Arsenal (h), Spurs (a), Manchester City (h)

TNT Sports – Brentford (h)

Todd Boehly’s transfer daftness has proven irresistible for those hoping to grab the attention of any channel-hoppers wondering precisely who is making their Blues debut this week.


Newcastle – nine games
Sky Sports – Aston Villa (h), Liverpool (h), Brighton (a), Brentford (h), Sheffield United (a), Wolves (a), Arsenal (h), Bournemouth (a)

TNT Sports – Manchester City (a)

After having six of their first seven Premier League games picked for broadcast, the TV execs have cooled interest in their new favourite plaything Newcastle ever so slightly by choosing to show only one of their three October matches – and one in the first half of November.


Arsenal – eight games
Sky Sports – Crystal Palace (a), Manchester United (h), Everton (a), Spurs (h), Manchester City (h), Chelsea (a), Newcastle (a)

TNT Sports – Nottingham Forest (h)

Arsenal helped christen TNT Sports with an edgy win over Nottingham Forest, but the Gunners are otherwise stationed fairly frequently on a revamped Sky.

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Liverpool – seven games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (a), Newcastle (a), Spurs (a), Brighton (a), Luton (a)

TNT Sports – Wolves (a), Everton (h)

All but one of Liverpool’s televised games so far being away – and the other being a lunchtime Merseyside derby – is the kind of thing Jurgen Klopp will forget about and not take out on Des Kelly. Just don’t ask him about lunchtime kick-offs.


Manchester United – seven games
Sky Sports – Wolves (h), Spurs (a), Arsenal (a), Sheffield United (a), Manchester City (h)

TNT Sports – Burnley (a), Fulham (a)

The first months of the Premier League season are not an early-round FA Cup tie so Manchester United are not a) perennially at home or b) permanently on the box.


Everton – six games
Sky Sports – Aston Villa (a), Arsenal (h), Brentford (a), West Ham (a)

TNT Sports – Sheffield United (a), Liverpool (a)

Impressive forward-thinking to save all the Goodison boos for later in the season when it properly starts to matter.

Everton fans invade the Goodison Park pitch after securing Premier League survival with a 1-0 win over Bournemouth Credit: Alamy
Everton fans invade the Goodison Park pitch after securing Premier League survival with a 1-0 win over Bournemouth Credit: Alamy

Everton fans invade Goodison Park


Manchester City – six games
Sky Sports – Burnley (a), Sheffield United (a), Arsenal (a), Manchester United (a), Chelsea (a)

TNT Sports – Newcastle (h)

Treble winners they may be, Manchester City clearly don’t pull in enough of an armchair audience. And depending on your allegiance, that will be ammunition for some sort of social media argument.


Nottingham Forest – six games
Sky Sports – Burnley (h), Brentford (h), Crystal Palace (a), Aston Villa (h), West Ham (a)

TNT Sports – Arsenal (a)

Those lucky Forest sods will be shown on consecutive October and November weekends.


West Ham – six games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (h), Brighton (a), Luton (a), Aston Villa (a), Everton (h), Nottingham Forest (h)

The TNT Sports bias against David Moyes’ Champions League hopefuls is real.


Aston Villa – five games
Sky Sports – Newcastle (a), Everton (h), West Ham (h), Nottingham Forest (a)

TNT Sports – Brighton (h)

Unai Emery will hope his players don’t wilt in front of the camera again this season quite like they did against Newcastle; hammering Everton the following week was a good sign.

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Brentford – five games
Sky Sports – Spurs (h), Newcastle (a), Everton (h), Nottingham Forest (a)

TNT Sports – Chelsea (a)

A decent spread from the Bees; a bus stop in Hounslow has no right to be this high on such a list, level with European champions and the like.


Wolves – five games
Sky Sports – Manchester United (a), Crystal Palace (a), Newcastle (h)

TNT Sports – Liverpool (h), Spurs (h)

Gary O’Neil will hope that no more referees feel the pressure of a TV audience when adjudging whether a goalkeeper clattering into a couple of opponents constitutes a foul.


Brighton – four games
Sky Sports – West Ham (h), Newcastle (h), Liverpool (h)

TNT Sports – Aston Villa (a)

There is a particularly European flavour when it comes to Brighton’s selection.


Crystal Palace – four games
Sky Sports – Arsenal (h), Wolves (h), Nottingham Forest (h), Spurs (h)

Roy Hodgson won’t welcome an 8pm Monday kick-off against the Gunners, nor a start at the same time at home to Spurs a few Fridays later, but at least Songs of Praise will be finished by the time they face Wolves at 2pm on that early September Sunday.


Luton – four games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (a), West Ham (h), Liverpool (h)

TNT Sports – Tottenham (h)

Some big hitters for any armchair Luton fans to sample – and plenty of away fans who will enjoy that entrance.


Sheffield United – four games
Sky Sports – Manchester City (h), Newcastle (h), Manchester United (h)

TNT Sports – Everton (h)

There is no appetite to have the Blades seen on their travels. Shame.


Bournemouth – three games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (h), Newcastle (h)

TNT Sports – Spurs (h)

Welcome to the Premier League, big Spanish Tone.


Burnley – three games
Sky Sports – Manchester City (h), Nottingham Forest (a)

TNT Sports – Manchester United (a)

The Vincent Kompany revolution will largely not be televised at all.


Fulham – three games
Sky Sports – Chelsea (h), Spurs (a)

TNT Sports – Manchester United (h)

Those bloody poor Fulham fans will have to wait until Monday, October 2 – seven weeks into the season – for a chance to see their side on the box. And even then it’s against a team a stone’s throw away. But it’s fine because they’re on twice in October, and Spurs is basically halfway across the country, with Manchester United visiting on Bonfire weekend.


Full table of televised Premier League matches
1) Arsenal P4 W4 D0 L0 F7 A2 Pts 12
2) West Ham P3 W3 D0 L0 F8 A3 Pts 9
3) Manchester City P3 W3 D0 L0 F6 A1 Pts 9
4) Spurs P3 W2 D1 L0 F6 A2 Pts 7
5) Liverpool P3 W2 D1 L0 F6 A3 Pts 7
6) Newcastle P5 W2 D0 L3 F8 A7 Pts 6
7) Chelsea P4 W1 D2 L1 F5 A4 Pts 5
8) Aston Villa P1 W1 D0 L0 F4 A0 Pts 3
9) Brighton P2 W1 D0 L1 F4 A4 Pts 3
10) Crystal Palace P2 W1 D0 L1 F3 A3 Pts 3
11) Manchester United P3 W1 D0 L2 F2 A5 Pts 3
12) Sheffield United P2 W0 D1 L1 F3 A4 Pts 1
13) Brentford P2 W0 D1 L1 F2 A3 Pts 1
14) Bournemouth P2 W0 D1 L1 F0 A2 Pts 1
15) Everton P3 W0 D1 L2 F2 A7 Pts 1
16) Nottingham Forest P1 W0 D0 L1 F1 A2 Pts 0
17) Wolves P3 W0 D0 L3 F3 A7 Pts 0
18) Burnley P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A3 Pts 0
19) Luton P2 W0 D0 L2 F1 A5 Pts 0


Full Premier League television schedule for the 2023/24 season

Friday August 11
Burnley 0-3 Manchester City (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 12 August
Arsenal 2-1 Nottingham Forest (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Newcastle 5-1 Aston Villa (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 13 August
Brentford 2-2 Spurs (2pm, Sky Sports)
Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 14 August
Manchester United 1-0 Wolves (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 19 August
Spurs 2-0 Manchester United (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City 1-0 Newcastle (8pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 20 August
Aston Villa 4-0 Everton (2pm, Sky Sports)
West Ham 3-1 Chelsea (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 21 August
Crystal Palace 0-1 Arsenal (8pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 25 August
Chelsea 3-0 Luton Town (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 26 August
AFC Bournemouth 0-2 Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Brighton 1-3 West Ham (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 27 August
Sheffield United 1-2 Man City (2pm, Sky Sports)
Newcastle 1-2 Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 1 September
Luton Town 1-2 West Ham (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 2 September
Sheffield United 2-2 Everton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Brighton 3-1 Newcastle (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 3 September
Crystal Palace 3-2 Wolves (2pm, Sky Sports)
Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 16 September
Wolves 1-3 Liverpool (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Newcastle 1-0 Brentford (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 17 September
AFC Bournemouth 0-0 Chelsea (2pm, Sky Sports)
Everton 0-1 Arsenal (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 18 September
Nottingham Forest v Burnley (7.45pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 23 September
Brentford v Everton (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Burnley v Manchester United (8pm, TNT Sports)


Sunday 24 September
Arsenal v Spurs (2pm, Sky Sports)
Sheffield United v Newcastle (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 30 September
Aston Villa v Brighton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Spurs v Liverpool (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 1 October
Nottingham Forest v Brentford (2pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 2 October
Fulham v Chelsea (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 7 October
Luton v Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 8 October
Brighton v Liverpool (2pm, Sky Sports)
Arsenal v Manchester City (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 21 October
Liverpool v Everton (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Chelsea v Arsenal (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 22 October
Sheffield United v Manchester United (2pm, Sky Sports)
Aston Villa v West Ham (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 23 October
Spurs v Fulham (8pm, Sky Sports)


Friday 27 October
Crystal Palace v Spurs (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 28 October
Chelsea v Brentford (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Wolves v Newcastle (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 29 October
West Ham v Everton (1pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester United v Manchester City (3.30pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 4 November
Fulham v Manchester United (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Newcastle v Arsenal (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 5 November
Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa (2pm, Sky Sports)
Luton v Liverpool (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Monday 6 November
Spurs v Chelsea (8pm, Sky Sports)


Saturday 11 November
Wolves v Spurs (12.30pm, TNT Sports)
Bournemouth v Newcastle (5.30pm, Sky Sports)


Sunday 12 November
West Ham v Nottingham Forest (2pm, Sky Sports)
Chelsea v Manchester City (4.30pm, Sky Sports)


Tuesday 5 December (all Amazon Prime at 7.45pm unless stated otherwise)
Aston Villa v Manchester City
Brighton v Brentford
Everton v Newcastle
Fulham v Nottingham Forest
Luton v Arsenal
Sheffield United v Liverpool
Spurs v West Ham
Wolves v Burnley
Crystal Palace v Bournemouth (8pm)


Wednesday 6 December
Manchester United v Chelsea (8pm)


Tuesday 26 December (all Amazon Prime at 3pm)
Bournemouth v Fulham
Arsenal v West Ham
Brentford v Wolves
Brighton v Spurs
Burnley v Liverpool
Chelsea v Crystal Palace
Everton v Manchester City
Manchester United v Aston Villa
Newcastle v Nottingham Forest
Sheffield United v Luton

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