Premiership Rugby to test shot clock in weekend fixtures

<span>Photograph: David Davies/PA</span>
Photograph: David Davies/PA

The Premiership has announced plans to test new shot-clock technology for the first time this weekend, as the league trials World Rugby’s latest measure aimed at speeding up the game. Under World Rugby’s new guidelines, kickers have to take conversations within 90 seconds of a try being scored, while penalties must be kicked within 60 seconds of being awarded.

“The shot clock technology will be tested for the first time in a live match setting with match officials and timekeepers briefed on the introduction ahead of the weekend’s matches,” Premiership Rugby said. “Throughout the trial phase, the existing processes by which referees determine the time permitted for the kicker will remain in place to maintain the sporting integrity of the competition.

“Fans in the ground will be able to see the shot clock operating at the end of the electronic advertising hoardings, with some grounds also featuring it on their big screens as well.

“Upon successful completion of the testing process, the shot clock system will be implemented in full across the 11 Premiership clubs and integrated with on-screen graphics systems for broadcasters BT Sport and ITV.”