Presenter Jon Kay ‘banned’ from BBC Breakfast discussion by co-host

BBC Breakfast host Sally Nugent “banned” her co-host Jon Kay from a discussion on the latest episode.

On Monday (6 February), Nugent said she was unable to “have a conversation” with Kay as she was concerned that he might share some Happy Valley spoilers.

The BBC drama’s latest run drew to an end on Sunday (5 February), with an acclaimed finale that brought the entire series to a close.

On BBC Breakfast, Carol Kirkwood said she was planning to swiftly leave the studio after delivering her weather update as she didn’t want to hear the hosts’ Happy Valley discussion.

However, Nugent, when Kirkwood told her she hadn’t yet seen the finale, replied: “Carol, neither have I! I haven’t seen the ending. So do not worry, we are safe! I give you my word.”

However, Kay replied: “I’ve watched it and I can’t speak to anybody about it.”

Nugent jokingly told him: “Yeah, we can’t have a conversation this morning,” to which Kay exclaimed: “I’m banned!”

Fortunately for both Nugent and Kirkwood, no spoilers were given.

Following the broadcast of the finale, the touching gift sent by lead star Sarah Lancashire to the show’s cast and crew, after filming had wrapped, was revealed.

Meanwhile, in a new interview, Norton has shared his “final conclusion” on whether he thinks his character was a “psychopath”, and revealed the series one callback featured in a climactic scene involving Tommy and Catherine.

Sarah Lancashire in ‘Happy Valley’ (BBC)
Sarah Lancashire in ‘Happy Valley’ (BBC)

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