President Donald Trump gives red card to reporters during meeting with FIFA president

President Donald Trump made immediate use of one of gifts from FIFA president Gianni Infantino during Tuesday’s meeting. After being gifted a red card from Infantino, Trump promptly pointed it in the direction of the media.

Trump and Infantino met to discuss the 2026 World Cup, which will be hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

President Donald Trump handed out a red card to reporters during a meeting with the FIFA president. (AP Photo)

Donald Trump gives red card to media while meeting with FIFA president

One of the gifts Trump received from Infantino was a yellow card and red card. While handing Trump the red card, Infantino told him to use it when he wants to “kick someone out.” Trump immediately gestured toward the media with the card.

While the entire exchange was played for laughs, the gesture has more serious implications. Trump has frequently feuded with the media, declaring things as “fake news.” Trump has also made deporting undocumented immigrants one of his major policies.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe he’ll attend the World Cup in 2026

Trump doesn’t believe he’ll attend the World Cup in 2026 unless his term as president is extended. The suggestion was met with positive remarks from Infantino.

Donald Trump now part of the FIFA team

Infantino also presented Trump with a jersey, telling him he’s now part of the FIFA team.

The jersey featured No. 26, which is an obvious reference to the 2026 World Cup.

Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday night, too, to “add the 2026 World Cup to our long list of accomplishments” during his time in office.

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