Donald Trump is the least popular president in history

Trump’s approval rating has already fallen below Obama’s all-time low (Rex)

Donald Trump’s approval ratings have hit a new historic low after just two months in the White House.

The controversial president, who has provoked the ire of GCHQ after his press secretary accused British spies of wiretapping, has slummed further to 37 per cent, according to the latest Gallup poll.

His disapproval rating rose to 58 per cent, also the worst of any president this early in his administration since polls began.

To put that into perspective, after 60 days in office, Jimmy Carter had an approval rating of 75 per cent; Obama’s was at 63 per cent; while Clinton’s was the previous lowest at 53 per cent.

In terms of disapproval rating, Jimmy Carter’s stood at 9 per cent; Obama’s was at 26 per cent; and Clinton’s was again the worst at 34 per cent.

In 2011, two years into his presidency, Obama’s rating slumped to 39 per cent — something Donald Trump mocked him about at the time. His lowest ever was 38 per cent.

The business mogul has managed to fall below that after just two months in the job.

The news comes after another tumultuous week for Trump, in which he attempted to repeal and replace Obamacare, and held another awkward press conference with a foreign leader.

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Questions over Russia’s involvement in his campaign also continue to be posed, particularly as it emerged that claims over a British wiretap originally emanated from an interview with a former CIA official on RT — the Russian propaganda news channel.

The allegations, that GCHQ bugged Trump on behalf of Obama are playing into the hands of Russians, a former British ambassador to the US has warned.

Despite being repeated by Trump on Friday, they have been strenuously denied by the UK.

Sir Peter Westmacott said officials in the administration were “peddling falsehoods”, which risked damaging the US-UK relations in a way that was a “gift to our enemies”.

And asked on Monday morning whether the claims were straight from the “Russian playbook”, Sir Peter agreed.

“What we do know is that the Russians are engaged in information warfare against the US and the UK and a lot of Western democracies,” he told the BBC’s Today programme.

“They have peddled stories in the past which have turned out to be not true, which were deliberately put out by them.

“They have been involved in producing leaked material to embarrass different politicians in the US

“So if the story comes from RT it would indeed be part of the fairly standard Russian playbook with which all Western democracies are having to cope,” he added.

At a Tennessee rally, Trump told supporters: “It’s a catastrophic situation, and there’s nothing to compare anything to because Obamacare won’t be around for a year or two,” he said. “It’s gone. So it’s not like, oh, gee, they have this. Obamacare is gone.”

However, more than 60 Republicans are believed to be opposing its replacement.