Prestigious and collectible artwork to be sold anonymously to raise funds for Harrogate charity

The artwork will lbe sold anonymously to raise funds for Harrogate charity Henshaws (Photo: Submitted)
The artwork will lbe sold anonymously to raise funds for Harrogate charity Henshaws (Photo: Submitted)

Henshaws, who supports people in North Yorkshire, has been donated more than 100 pieces of artwork from a range of talented artists.

The collection includes everything from landscape watercolours to Claude Monet style pieces, and they use an array of different materials and formats.

Professional artists, based across the UK and who regularly display their work at galleries have donated their work to Henshaws, as have artists who attend Henshaws’ Arts and Crafts Centre, which helps people with a range of disabilities discover their creative talents, and the place where the proceeds from the sale will go to.

Some of the artists taking part include the Penguin books illustrator Richard Adams, Cotswolds-based landscape artist, Elsa Taylor, and the High Sheriff of North Yorkshire, Clare Granger.

Ms Granger, who is also co-organising the event and is a Henshaws patron, said: ‘’We are very excited to bring you a captivating exhibition of works by predominantly professional artists.

"The works have all been generously donated to help us to raise much needed funds for Henshaws.’’

The artwork is available to preview on the Henshaws Shopify website, with sales starting, also on the Henshaws Shopify website, from October 2.

All of the art will be sold anonymously as it is hoped this will encourage people to buy what they like rather than be influenced by the name behind it.

The buyer will find out who has produced the work upon delivery but a list of featured artists will be listed on the Henshaws website.

Some of the works are considered collectible, so buyers could be bagging themselves a bargain.

All mediums were welcomed for submission, including photography, prints, watercolours, acrylics, drawings, textiles, and etchings.

Flora Simpson, Henshaws Senior Fundraiser, says: “We are very proud of our anonymous art sale and everything it represents.

"It allows people to judge the art solely on the image in front of them rather than the artist and takes away any prejudice.

“We are so grateful to the incredible array of artists who have participated and I would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of them.

“Art is at the heart and soul of what we do at the Arts and Crafts Centre and our artmakers put so much love and passion into everything they create.

“It is incredible that this exhibition allows our artists to not be judged by their disabilities but to be seen and praised for their remarkable abilities.’’

To take a look at the work on offer, visit the Henshaws Shopify page: