Preston's Spud Bros 1,500 mile journey to Lisbon - all to deliver Joe Jonas a jacket potato

The Spud Bros with American singer Joe Jonas
-Credit: (Image: @therealspudbros via Instagram)

If you haven't seen the rise of 'Spud Tok' over the past year, then quite frankly you must have been living under a rock.

Filling most FYPs (For You Pages on TikTok, if you're not in the know) over the past few months have been reams of videos with one particular British staple, a jacket potato. Accounts such as Spudman and our very own Spud Bros have gained huge followers, with millions of people wanting to see their every move and videos of the popular dish.

Some have even made long journeys to see the jacket connoisseurs in action, with some travelling from as far as Spain and the USA to the famous Hot Potato Tram on Preston's Flag Market. Operating in the city since 1955, the tram has gained popularity more recently after moving in to the age of social media - and embracing it with both arms.

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Going by Spud Bros, the tram boasts millions of TikTok and Instagram followers, with brothers Harley and Jake Nelson at the helm. Dad Tony is also a huge part of the tram's success, which sees lines of customers eager to get their hands on a hot potato come rain or shine.

But it's not just students and locals who are keen to join in the jacket potato frenzy. Taking to their Instagram, the Spud Bros shared their latest video with a very special collaboration, one not many of us would have expected. At the start, the video shows Jake and Harley prepping a jacket potato (with cheese and beans if anyone's wondering) in their famous tram.

They then hop on a plane to Lisbon, Portugal in the hopes of finding American singer Joe Jonas. The singer, famed for his career as part of the band the Jonas Brothers, has sent the brothers a message about the potatoes and in this skit, Jake and Harley were venturing to deliver him a fresh order.

Having landed in the Portuguese capital, the video shows the Spud Bros attempting to find Joe, as he sits on a bench in the city. Giving an Oscar-winning performance, the singer digs into the dish and says "he's very impressed" with the British delicacy. Clearly shocked at the unlikely collaboration, fans flocked to the comment section.

One wrote: "Haha this is so cool & I think this one of the reasons why we all love you so much. You’re so down to earth! Grew up seeing you grow & now it feels like we can all hang out at a dive bar and drink some beer together. Love iiiiit!" Another wrote: "The collaboration we NEVER expected."

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