Pret a Manger drinks offer ‘inundated with complaints’

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The drinks subscription costs customers £20 per month (PA Wire)
The drinks subscription costs customers £20 per month (PA Wire)

Pret a Manger’s subscription drinks service has sparked thousands of complaints from customers who claim that not all promised beverages are available.

The deal offering unlimited drinks for a flat fee of £20 a month was brought in to boost sales after lockdown and the rise of work from home.

But customers say many of the shop’s regular drinks, such as smoothies, are rarely available.

Some customers have complained to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) watchdog, while the BBC reported around 5,000 people complained directly to the chain.

Staff have also told the BBC its introduction has meant workers feel overwhelmed by the increased workload.

The ASA said it informed Pret it should “consider reviewing the ads for their subscription service” and that “their ads should not state or imply that the service was available in all store locations, or that it covers their entire range of products if that wasn’t the case”.

One staff member told the BBC they tell customers certain products are not available as it takes so long to make them it means missing out on bonuses.

They said: “Staff are just frustrated and tired with the endless smoothie and frappes giveaway, and they just boycott it. It is just easy to say that ice or smoothies or frappe are gone for today.”

A spokesman for the firm said it was “really pleased” with the scheme.

He said: “It’s been incredibly popular with Pret customers and significantly less than one per cent of all coffee subscribers have raised any concerns about this issue.”

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