Pretty Little Thing sparks backlash with 'inappropriate' illustration of 'jet black hand'

Chelsea Ritschel

Fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing is facing backlash after sharing an illustration that shows a white hand holding a black hand in a shade unrealistic to skin tones.

On Friday, the company tweeted the picture, which reads: “Stand together” alongside the caption: “We understand we have a duty of care to talk about topics other than just fashion and lifestyle news.”

In a follow-up tweet, Pretty Little Thing wrote: “We send our thoughts and condolences to the families of those tragically and innocently killed and we will do all we can to support the fight against racism. We ask everyone to stand together in this time of need. Let’s fight together, not against each other,” seemingly in reference to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by a white police officer.

However, shortly after sharing the illustration, the company’s social media followers pointed out the issue with the “jet black hand colour” and accused the retailer of “misrepresentation”.

“I know y’all had a shade of brown for that hand,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Erm you do know black people aren’t actually the shade of black? And our nails are not naturally black as well.”

Others called the illustration “inappropriate” and advised the retailer to delete the tweet.

“Delete this and put up another hand shade please. What is this,” someone tweeted at the retailer, while another person wrote: “Who approved this? Delete and try again.”

The criticism over the inaccurate representation of black skin tones comes after Kim Kardashian faced backlash earlier this month over the launch of “nude” face masks, which showed a promotional photo of a black model wearing a black mask.

The Independent has contacted Pretty Little Thing for comment.

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