Priest Receives Hero's Welcome in Home Village After Recovering From Ebola

A parish priest who recovered from the Ebola virus has been given a hero’s welcome in his home village in Itipo, Democratic Republic of Congo. Locals chanted and danced to celebrate his return on June 8, according to the World Health Organisation.

The priest, Father Ambunga, had been staying in an Ebola isolation facility in Bikoro since being diagnosed with the disease.

Ambunga said, on his return, that he intends to educate his parish about the disease and on what patients should do if they contract it.

On Sunday, June 10, Father Ambunga led his first mass after recovery.

An outbreak of Ebola was declared on May 8 and has killed 27 people, according to eNCA.

The head of the World Health Organization said on June 13 that the outbreak was not over, saying that they were “at war” with the disease, Reuters reported. Credit: World Health Organisation via Storyful