Prime Minister Visits Manouba Town After Protests, Violence

Prime Minister of Tunisia Youssef Chahed paid a surprise visit to al-Battan, a town in Manouba province in Tunisia, on January 10 after protests and attacks on state security offices.

In this footage, Chahed is seen inside a building looking at a room which shows evidence of having been ransacked and set on fire.

In a statement to the press, Chahed differentiated between Tunisians who had lost their faith in the political class and were living in difficult economic circumstances and troublemakers, who took advantage of protests to steal.

He spoke to residents of the town, who stood in a crowd around him as his security forces surrounded him.

At one point, the crowd chanted, “Resign Chahed!” according to news footage from Tunisian news outlet Mosaique FM.

Protest against new price increases and taxes implemented in the 2018 took place in al-Battan in the last several days, local news outlets said and in Terbouba, the neighboring town, where one person was killed. Credit: Facebook/President of Tunisian Government via Storyful