Prince Charles Cinema say they have no plans to change their name

The Prince Charles Cinema (PA Wire)
The Prince Charles Cinema (PA Wire)

The Prince Charles Cinema will not be changing its name despite their namesake ascending to the throne after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

The only independent theatre in the West End announced they would not become King Charles Cinema with a printed sign in its window.

The A4 page stuck haphazardly on the entrance bluntly informed cinephiles: “No, we are not changing our name.”

Fans of one of the most-loved cult cinemas in the capital were giddy about the announcement.

One said: “I especially like the cavalier way they’ve stuck it to the window.”

Another tweeted: “We wondered this earlier and are pleased with the answer.”

One fan suggested it be renamed “The Charles formerly known as Prince.”

Quentin Tarantino has called the Prince Charles’ London’s “queen’s jewel” of a grindhouse. He said: “The Prince Charles Cinema is everything an independent movie theatre should be. For lovers of quality films, this is Mecca.

“I was so honoured when Reservoir Dogs hit so big there that they started playing it at midnight and all the lads would show up in the black suits with little squirt guns”.

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