Prince Harry cannot 'privatise the monarchy,' says 'disgusted' Royal Marine

Staff writer

A former Royal Marine is "disgusted" at his captain general Prince Harry's behaviour and said Harry would lose all military respect if he attempts to "privatise the monarchy to earn millions."

Nigel Farage observed that Prince Harry is shirking his duty to the country by stepping back as a senior royal; "he is of course your captain general, James."

Former Royal Marine James Glancy said on LBC: "Duty is the right word. That is why we've had so much respect for the Royals because they've dedicated their lives to the country and they serve and they never ask for any commercial opportunity.

"Harry's been a great public servant," James said, citing Harry's two public tours of Afghanistan, brilliant charity work especially Invictus Games and conservation charities, "but his behaviour in the last year is not becoming of somebody that holds these important positions...including that of the captain general.

"Now I've spoken to other Royal Marines and other people in the military and they're very upset if not disgusted at the disrespect to the Queen by not discussing this.

"If he wants to leave those positions, if he wants to go abroad with his wife, he's absolutely entitled to have another life and he's entitled to live overseas. But you can't do this half and half. You're either in or you're out."

"And what's even worse is the thought of this privatisation of the monarchy. Everyone was up in arms when the Americans talked about privatising the NHS, well of course the public is up in arms about a Canadian wanting to privatise the monarchy.

"It's not acceptable. Either do one or the other. You don't sit as captain general or in any other position and make millions of pounds because that opportunity is not available to a soldier, to a marine who is on £20,000 a year.

"They can't turn up to their commanding officer and say 'do you know what, boss, I'm going to go and live in another country, but would you mind still paying me.'"

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