Prince Harry: GB News' Dan Wootton returns 'sad little man' insult

The tabloid reporter has responded to the duke's comments about him in his new memoir Spare.

Watch: GB News presenter Dan Wootton responds to being called a 'sad little man' by Prince Harry

GB News presenter Dan Wootton has hit back at Prince Harry for insulting him in his new book - saying it is the duke who is the 'sad little man'.

The Duke of Sussex used the term to describe Wootton in his newly published memoir, Spare, for leaking the news that Harry and Meghan Markle's planned to quite the royal family and move to the US when he was showbiz editor of The Sun newspaper.

Wootton said: "I don’t care, Harry can say what he wants about me.... It’s very clear to me who the “sad little man” in this sorry saga is. It's the one who has trashed almost every blood relative in the most vicious fashion, simply because they tried to save him from himself."

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The prince wrote in his book: "We got word from Sara that the Sun was about to run a story saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were stepping away from their royal duties to spend more time in Canada.

Pictures of Prince Harry and TV presenter Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton has said Prince Harry is the 'sad little man'. (ITV)

"A sad little man, the newspaper’s showbiz editor, was said to be the lead reporter on the story."

He added: "Why him? Why, of all people, the showbiz guy? Because lately he’d refashioned himself into some sort of quasi royal correspondent, largely on the strength of his secret relationship with one particularly close friend of Willy’s comms secretary – who fed him trivial (and mostly fake) gossip."

Wootton said: "Harry actually got that wrong, I wasn't working in consort with the palace. I was breaking an internationally significant story, clearly in the public interest, as journalists should do. And I was working directly with his own communications secretary and given them a week's notice of my plans."

The former tabloid reporter called the prince a "really unpleasant creature" and accused him of being "out of touch with the public".

He called Spare "the biggest mistake in publishing history" and said it had "destroyed the reputation of the Duke of Delusion forever more."

Discounted copies of Prince Harry's autobiography Spare on sale in stores in America.
Prince Harry's memoir Spare has soared straight to the top of Amazon's bestseller list. (Getty Images)

Spare as released on Tuesday 10 January having been heavily leaked to the media and has soared straight to the top of the Amazon bestseller list.

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To promote the book the prince has conducted several TV interviews, with Tom Bradby for ITV in the UK, and with CBS's 60 minutes in the US, as well as The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.