Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'fairing badly' as popularity 'plummets' in America

Harry and Meghan standing together at Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's brand is reportedly "beginning to falter in the USA", a few years after their move, says author Arwa Mahdawi. She noted that despite having numerous critics in the UK following his Royal exit, Harry is now garnering a larger negative following in the States.

The backlash against the Sussexes has been fuelled by Harry's nomination for the Pat Tillman Award for Service by ESPN. The award, named after ex-NFL player turned soldier Pat Tillman who died in Afghanistan in 2004, has sparked controversy.

In her Guardian piece, Arwa revealed that a petition urging ESPN to reconsider the nomination has gathered over 70,000 signatures. This comes as the couple attempts to restore their brand following a turbulent 2023.

Arwa remarked that "the fact his award nomination is getting so much backlash from Americans speaks volumes about how badly his brand is faring in his new home. The novelty of the newlyfleds, it seems has worn off; America is getting tired of the Sussexes".

This fatigue, it's suggested, has also cost the Sussexes some of their A-List friendships. A source told Closer that other celebrity couples have chosen to align with the Royal Family instead.

A source claimed: "Their A-list friends that are supportive are few and far between. Any chance they had of mending fences with the Beckhams has been squashed by the royals, Tom Cruise has clearly chosen to side with the royals, George and Amal Clooney have all but dumped them too, and even Elton John has been too busy to give them a whole lot of attention."

Adding to this, a Royal author has noted that there seems to be a gradual ebbing of enthusiasm for the couple in the US, indicating their celebrity honeymoon period might be drawing to a close.

Speaking to the Mirror, Royal specialist Tom Quinn observed: "During his first six months in the States Harry found everything new and exciting, but the glamour is definitely wearing off."

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Questions are growing over whether Harry and Meghan's honeymoon with the USA is over -Credit:Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Project Healthy Minds

He added, "However big your garden and Harry and Meghan's garden at Montecito is enormous, there's only so much you can do when you have no practical skills and you have always paid people to cook, clean and garden for you."

Mr Quinn also pointed out the possible implications of a potential Donald Trump re-election in November on Prince Harry's future plans in the USA.

With mounting concerns over Harry's visa status, if Trump were to return to power, Mr Quinn stated: "The couple have taken legal advice because they're seriously worried that if Donald Trump wins the next election Harry's visa may be revoked."

"Harry initially thought this couldn't possibly happen to him as the normal rules don't apply to a Royal Prince, but he is increasingly realising that in the United States being a Prince doesn't actually count for very much."

"But one thing is for sure Harry deeply regrets ever making his drug-taking public. It never occurred to him that this might end up threatening his whole life plan. Meghan does her best to support Harry, but she is in her natural environment and he is in a strange unfamiliar world which grows increasingly unfriendly."