Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Just Posted a Final Message on the Sussex Royal Instagram

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From Cosmopolitan

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have posted on their Instagram account, @sussexroyal, for the last time.
  • Meghan and Harry can still use their HRH titles but choose not to, and the palace will no longer speak on their behalf.

It's officially the end of an era: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have wrapped up their senior royal duties and are finally ready to complete the transition of their stepping back process—and thank God too, because Queen Elizabeth was ready for the whole process to be "over and done with" a longggg time ago.

To signify the end of this period in their lives, Harry and Meghan made a farewell post on their Instagram and told their followers that while this may be the end of their duties as senior royals, their charity work will continue on.

They wrote:

As we can all feel, the world at this moment seems extraordinarily fragile. Yet we are confident that every human being has the potential and opportunity to make a difference—as seen now across the globe, in our families, our communities and those on the front line—together we can lift each other up to realise the fullness of that promise.

What’s most important right now is the health and wellbeing of everyone across the globe and finding solutions for the many issues that have presented themselves as a result of this pandemic.

As we all find the part we are to play in this global shift and changing of habits, we are focusing this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute.

While you may not see us here, the work continues.

Thank you to this community - for the support, the inspiration and the shared commitment to the good in the world. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon. You’ve been great!

Until then, please take good care of yourselves, and of one another.

Harry and Meghan

Whoops, sorry...gonna need a minute to dry my tears. Okay! Now that that's all said and done, let's have a cuppa tea, shall we? Royal reporter Omid Scobie had a WEALTH of info after Meghan and Harry's last Instagram went live, and he answered a lot of my our outstanding questions. Buckle up!

According to Omid, Meghan and Harry actually *were* allowed to keep their His and Her Royal Highness titles, but they refuse to use them. And that isn't even the best part. Omid says "no other royal comms reps will act on behalf of Sussexes, 'including Palace spokespeople, household representatives nor royal sources,'" basically meaning that Buckingham Palace spokespeople will not speak on Meghan and Harry's behalf anymore. Juicy!

Some other tidbits worth mentioning: Meghan and Harry's Sussex Royal website will no longer be in use (*sob*), and their Sussex Royal Foundation will not continue. Instead the couple will come up with a brand new charitable foundation of their own!

The terms of Meghan and Harry's agreement will be reviewed again by the royal family in 12 months (of course), but don't expect them to be out and about in the meantime—Meghan and Harry will just be focusing on their family and their charities in the coming months.

That being said, pour out a cold one for Meghan and Harry as it's the start of their brand new lives as non-royals!

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