Prince Harry: Royal family has place in 21st century but it needs to change

The royal family has a place in the modern world but only if it changes, Prince Harry has suggested in a new interview.

Asked during the sit-down with ABC’s Good Morning America, the Duke of Sussex said he “genuinely believe[s]” the monarchy belongs in the 21st century, but added: “Not the way that it is now.”

Asked by interviewer Michael Straham if the royal family needs to modernise and if so in what way, the Duke said: “I think the same process that I went through with regarding my own unconscious bias would be hugely beneficial to them.

“Not racism, but unconscious bias. If not confronted, if not learned and grown from, that can then move into racism.

Prince Harry sits down to speak with ABC’s Michael Strahan (GMA)
Prince Harry sits down to speak with ABC’s Michael Strahan (GMA)

“But there was an enormous missed opportunity with my wife.”

During the interview, which aired on Monday lunchtime, Harry also said: “I think my mother would have realised the missed opportunity with Meghan being part of the institution, part of the monarchy.”

He was speaking ahead of the publication of his explosive memoir Spare, which is due to go on sale on Tuesday.

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