Prince Philip At 95 - His Greatest Ever Gaffes

Getty Images

The Duke of Edinburgh celebrates his 95th birthday today.

Prince Philip has never been one to mince his words over the years, and has been caught out numerous times really putting his foot in it ever since he came into the public eye.

And his grand old age doesn’t seem to be slowing him down. In fact, barely a royal occasion seems to go past without The Duke slamming something or other as ‘ghastly’.

Throughout his life Prince Philip has delivered a host of real zingers, insulting politicians, celebrities and even entire nations.

He’s affronted half the British population by proclaiming that British women can’t cook, told a Nigerian president in traditional dress that he looks like he’s wearing pajamas, and asked a Scottish driving instructor how he keeps his clients sober enough to pass their tests.

And you know what? We all love him for it.

Please never change, Philip.