Prince William updates on Kate Middleton's health during D-Day speech in Normandy

Crowds have gathered in Arromanches to greet Prince William
-Credit: (Image: PA)

During his D-Day appearance, Prince William provided a health update on his wife, Kate Middleton.

The Royal engaged with veterans and the public in Arromanches, Normandy, France, in honour of the 80th anniversary commemorations of the WWII Normandy invasion.

The Prince commended the "extraordinary acts of bravery and sacrifice" displayed by the veterans, earning him the description of "gut-wrenching" from one onlooker, reports the Mirror.

Amid his father's ongoing cancer treatment, the future King undertook his inaugural duties standing in for King Charles at a sombre D-Day event, an occasion deemed a "step too far" for His Majesty.

Despite the recent cancer diagnoses for both his father and wife, William put on a courageous face as he interacted with veterans at the Juno beach Canadian commemoration and locals in Arromanches.

Amid his fight against cancer, King Charles updated a D-Day veteran in Normandy on his condition, asserting that he is "doing well". Kate Middleton, who boldly announced her own cancer diagnosis, continues to receive supportive messages from the public - today was no exception.

Prince William engaged in a heartfelt conversation with a veteran, expressing that his wife, Kate, would have been keen to join the day's remembrance activities, but she is still recuperating from her cancer treatment.

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The veteran, adorned with a Union Jack flag and his service medals, inquired about the Duchess's health, asking: "I was going to ask you if your wife was getting any better?"

The Prince warmly replied: "Yes, she would have loved to have been here today. I was reminding everybody, her grandmother served at Bletchley so she would have had quite a bit in common with a few of the other ladies here who served at Bletchley but never spoke about it until the very end."

Royal enthusiasts were touched by the exchange and quickly took to social media to share their thoughts as footage of the encounter circulated online. One admirer commented: "Got to love this man for his respectful question about the princess,".

Others joined in with praises, with one saying, "What a lovely person he is," while another remarked on the veteran's gentle inquiry: "So sweet that this mighty war hero asks sweetly after the health of the Princess. These are truly decent people."

Comments also flowed in admiration of Prince William, with one individual noting: "His mum would be so proud of the gentleman his is. What a charming man." Another added: "Aw she definitely would have and how wonderful to hear she is doing really well."

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