Prince William's touching update on Kate's cancer recovery at D-Day event

William speaks in Portsmouth today
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Prince William shared a touching update on Kate's Middleton health amid her ongoing cancer treatment as he joined King Charles and Queen Camilla at a moving D-Day commemoration event.

The Prince of Wales was present in Portsmouth with top UK politicians and war veterans to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Both William and his father, King Charles, delivered heartfelt speeches before taking time to engage with veterans and listen to their stories from the historic day.

In a video clip, the future King is seen conversing with Geoffrey Weaving, a centenarian veteran, who inquired about Kate's absence due to her ongoing recovery from preventative chemotherapy, the Mirror reports.

William told a centenarian veteran, Geoffrey Weaving, how Kate would have loved to have been by his side at the event -Credit: Andrew Matthews - Pool/Getty Images
William told a centenarian veteran, Geoffrey Weaving, how Kate would have loved to have been by his side at the event -Credit: Andrew Matthews - Pool/Getty Images

Geoffrey Weaving asked: "I was going to ask you if your wife was getting any better? " to which William responded: "Yes... she would have loved to have been here today."

He continued by saying: "I was reminding everybody, her grandmother served at Bletchley so she would have had quite a bit in common with a few of the other ladies here who served at Bletchley but never spoke about it until the very end."

Kate's grandmother, Valerie Glassborow, later Middleton, was an employee at the WWII codebreaking hub, Bletchley Park, and the princess herself visited the site in 2014 to explore where her grandmother once worked.

This poignant exchange between William and the veteran followed an emotional moment when Charles and Camilla appeared to hold back tears as they listened to another D-Day veteran recount the grim realities of the war at the ceremony.

Kate on a previous visit to Bletchley Park
Kate Middleton has taken a step out of the spotlight amid her ongoing current treatment -Credit:Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror

Navy veteran Eric Bateman's poignant recollections of Utah beach during the Second World War left the royals visibly touched.

He recounted the bravery of himself and his peers as they leapt from boats onto the beaches of northern France after crossing the Channel.

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He shared: "So many men and women, including my dear friend Fred, joined up with me but unfortunately never made it."

The emotional weight of his words was clear as Camilla was seen deeply affected, with Charles too reaching to wipe his eyes.

In a stirring address earlier, the King expressed: "The stories of courage, resilience and solidarity we have heard today and throughout our lives cannot fail to move us, to inspire us and to remind us of what we owe to that great wartime generation.

"We must actively remember their service and sacrifice in the face of tyranny, ensuring freedom prevailed."

Britain's King Charles and Queen Camilla attend a UK national commemorative event to mark the 80th anniversary commemorations of Allied amphibious landing (D-Day Landings) in France in 1944, in Southsea Common, in Portsmouth, southern England, on June 5, 2024.
King Charles and Queen Camilla were seen fighting tears at the event as they listened to veteran's stories from the historic day 80 years ago -Credit:POOL/AFP via Getty Images

His Majesty also commended the "truly collective effort" of the wartime Home Front, acknowledging Britain's 'eternal' debt to those who served.

In a related tribute, William read aloud an excerpt from Captain Alastair Bannerman of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment's diary, penned on the morning of D-Day to his wife.

Sharing his sentiments with the enthused crowd, he expressed he was "deeply honoured" to be part of the Southsea Common event and vowed that "we will always remember those who served".

He dressed fittingly for the occasion, wearing several medals including the Great Master of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath around his neck, Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee medals and a coronation medal.

The official UK commemoration marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day is set for tomorrow at the British Normandy Memorial at Ver-sur-Mer. Here, the King will come together with French President Emmanuel Macron and PM Rishi Sunak.

There are various events in Normandy which William will attend, such as a service hosted by Canada at Juno Beach and an international event hosted by France at Omaha Beach, expected to boast a gathering of over 25 heads of state.

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