This Princess Diana memorial is getting royally slated

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Photo credit: Chesterfield Borough Council / Facebook

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Following the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic death, people across the country have been paying tribute and honouring her memory in many different ways.

We even had multiple documentaries about the Princess on the telly.

Chesterfield Borough Council, however, has commemorated Diana in – let's just say – one of the most unique ways yet. And to be honest with you, it's kind of terrifying.

Revealing a new flower display, the council announced on Facebook: "This year's #Chesterfield well dressing marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

"The well dressing is on display at the Town Pump outside the Market Hall."

The unusual display (to put it diplomatically) has drawn a lot of criticism, and even some sympathy, from the residents of Chesterfield and beyond.

"No disrespect to diana or the thought behind this gesture. But honesty, its shite! (sic)" one user exclaimed, while another added: "Don't look into her eyes, she'll eat your soul!"

Looking on the bright side, one person suggested that the display can be recycled, suggesting: "At least it can double up as a Halloween decoration next month."

However, someone else interjected: "I wish people would not be so cruel with their comments. This picture was created in good faith by the Stevie Wonder School of Arts & crafts."

Photo credit: Chesterfield Borough Council / Facebook

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Some people didn't realise who the memorial was actually supposed to be for. "Didn't realise Rod Stewart had left us," one joked. "Worzel gummidge RIP forever in our hearts," said another.

Fortunately for Chesterfield Borough Council, the response wasn't just that of ridicule – there were a few users out there ready to defend the artwork, calling out people for their 'mean' comments.

"Maybe it's not an exact likeness guys but come on! People have put a lot of effort into this when they didn't need to! Done something nice for Chesterfield and for Diana," one person commented.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Another added: "Show some respect. I know for one I couldn't do a better job! Someone's spent hours of their time making this, bless 'em!

"I hope they never read these comments because it could really hurt someone's feelings."

One even hit back at Chesterfield's residents, arguing they've done "bugger all" to contribute to the flower display – apart from slag it off, of course.

"An honest effort by volunteers giving their time to do something for the town," they wrote. "Perhaps all you gainsayers should hold your tongues..."

Our mum once told us that if we can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. So, yeah... we're saying nothing.

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