Princess Diana's poignant prediction that came true about Camilla and Charles

Princess Diana and Camilla
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Princess Diana once made a poignant prediction about Queen Camilla, which turned out to be accurate, according to a royal expert.

The Queen was often blamed for the breakdown of Charles and Princess Diana's marriage.

However, it was a specific conversation that Diana had with a royal correspondent that held significant weight.

Jennie Bond, who has years of experience reporting on the Royal Family, previously disclosed a discussion she had with Diana at Kensington Palace, prior to the princess's infamous 1995 Panorama interview with Martin Bashir.

Ms Bond recounted how Diana candidly discussed the challenging aspects of her marriage to the then Prince Charles, including his long-term infidelity, and highlighted Diana's manner of speaking about Camilla, reports the Express.

Speaking to OK!, she recalled Diana's prediction: "For Camilla, it really has been the most incredible journey, but, at its root, it is a simple love story between two people caught up in a very complex situation.

"I often think back to the day I sat with Diana in her drawing room and she told me that she recognised that Camilla always had been, and always would be, the love of Charles's life.

"She said she recognised that any marriage that Charles might have made would not have been as strong as his relationship with Camilla."

The royal expert further explained how Diana described her romantic rival as "loyal and discreet and deserving of some form of recognition".

Adding her voice, she said: "All these years on, I think Diana's words have proved to be completely accurate."

Meanwhile, Camilla has emerged as a rock for the King during his ongoing battle with cancer.

Despite undergoing treatments, she continues to fulfil royal commitments during the King's brief respite.

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