Prison sentence for Pembrokeshire man who assaulted girlfriend

A Herbrandston man has appeared in court for sentencing after breaking a court restraining order
A Herbrandston man has appeared in court for sentencing after breaking a court restraining order

A HERBRANDSTON man has been handed an eight-month prison sentence after entering his former girlfriend's property despite being prohibited from doing so by a restraining order.

Ryan Nolan was discovered inside the Keeston property at around midnight on August 24 by his former partner.

"When she drove up, she noticed that the blinds in the sitting room were broken," Crown Prosecutor Dennis Davies told Haverfordwest magistrates.

"And when she walked into the house she saw pasta on the floor and also the defendant."

But a restraining order imposed by Llanelli magistrates in April 2022 prohibited Nolan from entering his girlfriend's house following a previous conviction.

Dennis Davies went on to say that when the girlfriend refused to allow Nolan to use her vape, he became aggressive and abusive towards her.

"He followed her to the bedroom and an argument broke out.

"When she said she was going to ring the police he reached out with his right hand and grabbed her, causing injury to her neck."

Nolan then went into the kitchen where he cut the power cable that was attached to the fridge.

Mr Davies concluded by stating that the offences were committed while Nolan was serving a 12-month suspended prison sentence for an additional offence.

This week Nolan appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on September 28 via video link from Swansea prison where he pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order, causing criminal damage to the fridge and the blind and assaulting his partner by beating.

His solicitor, Mr Peter Tarr, said that since being remanded in custody on August 31, his client has made positive steps towards his recovery from alcohol misuse.


"A lot of this incident was down to alcohol," he said.  "But since he's been in custody he's getting help from the alcohol abuse team and doesn't want to go back to drink when released from custody."

Mr Tarr said that Nolan has also found himself a job working alongside prison staff in the waste and refuse department.

"A number of things he has done is encouraging, and custody has obviously helped him," said Mr Tarr.  "Let's hope that he's true to his word when released."

After considering the evidence, Nolan was sentenced to a total of 33 weeks in custody.  He was ordered to pay £85 costs, a £154 custody charge, £100 compensation to his victim and a £100 compensation for the repair of the criminal damage.