Priyanka Chopra always makes time for her family

Priyanka Chopra sets strict deadlines on her work schedule so she can enjoy time with her family.

The 'Citadel' actress - who has 15-month-old daughter Malti with husband Nick Jonas - has found the best way to achieve balance in her life is to set limits on her time.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, she explained: "I figured it out in my 30s.

"What I end up saying is, 'I will work from six to seven' and however you want to fill that day is fine. But after that is my time.

"You have to separate work and home - you can't bring your work home and you can't take your home to work.

"As soon as that compartmentalisation happens, you're able to achieve so much more. And I think women generally can multitask well."

The 40-year-old star has learnt she is better at her job if she sticks to

the limits she sets.

She added: "I know when I tell my team, 'I'm not available after 7 o'clock today,' I won't be, because I need time for my family.

"I want to tell jokes, I want to order silly food, I want to watch TV. Or

talk to my mum. I want to do all the stuff that fills my soul.

"And don't get me wrong, I didn't know this in my 20s. As I've got older,

I've definitely understood it and valued it a lot more.

"Because I know I come back better to work when I've taken time for myself and my family to nourish my soul."

Priyanka has never had such balance in her life because she pushed herself to the limits in her younger days, when working extremely hard was


She said: "I didn't take my first holiday until at least 10 years in.

"I was like, 'I'm going to do five movies a year, I'm going to work the hardest, I don't need to sleep, I don't need to eat' - until I ended up in hospital for 10 days.

"We have to forgive ourselves sometimes for not being able to keep up. We have to take time to say, 'I'm sorry, I need a moment.' "