Pro-Abortion Rights Activist Chains Herself to Entrance of Summit of the Americas

An abortion rights activist chained herself to a gate at the entrance to the Summit of the Americas conference in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, June 9.

RiseU4AbortionRights posted this video showing their protester on Thursday, and tweeted that they’ll “sooner bring gears of society to a halt through mass nonviolent resistance than allow the right to abortion to be taken away.”

US President Joe Biden met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at the conference on Thursday. Credit: RiseU4AbortionRights via Storyful

Video transcript

- The US Supreme Court is about to strip women's humanity! Women's constitutional right to abortion! Biden and the Democrats are doing nothing! It is on us to bring society to a halt.

- You can film--

- Let's fill--

- --but you need--

- --the streets!

- --to back up, OK?

- Rise up--

- I'm letting you know--

- --for abortion--

- --you need to back up, you guys.

- --rights!

- Back up, please.

- June 13!

- Tell them to back up!

- Back up!

- DC!

- They can film, but they need--

- I'm asking--

- --to back up.

- --to stage non-violent protests! We need--

- Back up, ma'am.

- Back up, ma'am.

- --to bring society to a halt! Forced motherhood is female enslavement! Abortion on demand and without apology. Wave the green bandana!

(CHANTING) Overturn Roe?

- Hell no!

- Overturn Roe?

- Hell no!

- Overturn Roe?

- Hell no!

- The US Supreme Court is about to strip women's--

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