Pro-Bolsonaro Truckers Block Highways in Election Protest

Truckers supportive of the outgoing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro blocked major highways across Brazil on Monday, October 31, a day after he was defeated in the country’s presidential election run-off.

The truckers only allowed through vehicles with children, elderly occupants or supporters of Bolsonaro, Brazilian media reported, adding that police had facilitated these exceptions through negotiations.

Brazil’s Federal Highway Police reported 136 incidents on federal highways.

Bolsonaro lost Sunday’s run-off election to former president Lula da Silva.

Footage by Twitter user @19_Ocnarfnal_38 shows traffic along a highway in Rio de Janeiro state at a standstill. @19_Ocnarfnal_38 said the video was taken approximately 90 kilometres out from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Credit: @19_Ocnarfnal_38 via Storyful

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