Pro-Kremlin Biker Group Sets Up Compound at Former Military Base in Slovakia

Members of the Night Wolves, a pro-Kremlin motorcycle club, confronted Radio Free Europe journalists who were filming near the group’s compound, established in an ex-military base about 40 kilometers northeast of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has publically embraced the Night Wolves, who were also reported to have assisted pro-Russian seperatists in Crimea militarily, prompting the United States to impose sanctions on the group.

The president of the Night Wolves’ Slovak chapter, Jozef Hambalek, told Radio Free Europe that he intends on opening a military museum on the site, which tallies with Facebook posts showing murals that had been painted in the compound.

Aerial footage shot by Radio Free Europe shows tanks and armored vehicles in the compound that they say were rented to the Night Wolves by the Slovak Defense Ministry. Credit: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty via Storyful