Pro-Palestinian protestors gather outside Bute House as Keir Starmer visits

Dozens of pro-Palestinian supporters gathered outside of Bute House on Sunday evening
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Dozens of pro-Palestinian supporters have gathered outside Bute House where the new Prime Minister has met with John Swinney.

Sir Keir Starmer is in the capital tonight to kick off his tour of the UK. The Labour leader arrived in Scotland today for his first meeting with the First Minister.

PM Starmer has come under fire for his stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict with Labour losing out to pro-Palestinian independent candidates in several seats during Thursday's General Election.

Pictures from outside shows two protestors on the pavement outside of Bute House holding Palestinian flags up.

Cops are stood guard in front of FM Swinney's residence as protestors carry out a demo across the road.

More images show the crowd gathering, with one woman seen shouting from a microphone.

Two supporters waved Palestine flags outside of the official FM office
Two supporters waved Palestine flags outside of the official FM office -Credit:PA

A further video from outside of Bute House showed dozens of protestors chanting and holding flags as well as placards ahead of Sir Keir's arrival, Edinburgh Live reports.

PM Starmer vowed to put Scotland "back at the beating heart" of everything the UK Government does. He said he was offering the Scottish Government a “genuine seat at the table” and that they could deliver change for a generation through “meaningful co-operation”.

Speaking ahead of the visit to Scotland, Sir Keir said: “Our UK Government will place Scotland back at the beating heart of everything we do.

“To the people of Scotland my message is simple and clear: You are at the heart of how we unleash prosperity across the country. We will rebuild a strong Scotland at the forefront of our decade of national renewal.

“My offer to the Scottish Government is the same. We can turn disagreement into co-operation and, through meaningful co-operation and a genuine seat at the table, deliver change for a generation.”

In the phone call with Sir Keir on Friday evening, Mr Swinney congratulated the new Prime Minister on his appointment and committed to working co-operatively with the UK Government on “areas of mutual interest”.

Earlier the Record reported that PM Starmer and the leader of Scottish Labour, Anas Sarwar, were met with a round of 'thunderous applause' as they met Labour MPs for the first time in Edinburgh following their massive election victory.

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