How Russian propaganda units are broadcasting fake Polish TV reports

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Did a Polish news channel really broadcast a weather map showing Poland expanding into Ukrainian territory? Or the TV report on how the Polish army was creating an LGBT paramilitary unit? Both of these video reports do feature the logo of a Polish public broadcaster. But there are a lot of clues that make it pretty clear that these 'reports' are fake.

If you only have a minute:

  • An image showing what seems to be a weather report broadcast on Polish TV channel TVP 1 has been circulating on social media since January 17, 2023. On the map, Poland seems to have grown massively, expanding into Ukrainian territory.

  • However, there are a few spelling errors on the map that make it seem like the person who created it doesn’t speak Polish. Moreover, the map doesn’t use the same font or graphics as other weather reports on TVP 1. And the presenter actually works for another TV channel.

  • Social media users have also been circulating a second video report that also supposedly aired on TVP 1: this one announcing that the Polish army is creating an LGBT paramilitary unit.

  • TVP 1 has said that they didn’t broadcast either of these reports. Polish authorities have blamed Russia for trying to incite fear by making people think that Poland is entering the war.

The fact-check, in detail

The image that has been circulating online shows a TV presenter standing in front of a weather map featuring several countries in Eastern Europe.

Spelling errors

However, there are a few clues indicating that this sequence was never actually broadcast on Polish television.

Different graphics and a presenter from a different channel

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