'This Is a Problem': Shark Has Firm Bite of Fishing Boat Motor

A “monster shark” was recorded biting and holding onto a fishing boat’s motor near Coral Bay, Western Australia, on May 11.

Video recorded by Matt Zen from Fever Fishing Australia shows a fishing crew’s startled reaction after realizing that a shark had its jaws clenched onto their boat’s propeller. Zen told Storyful they had hooked the shark for about an hour before the shark ditched the fishing line and went after the boat’s motor.

“After the shock and awe of the situation, concern kicked in,” Zen told Storyful. Eventually, the shark let go and swam off, leaving the motor and propellor intact.

“It reminded us just where we are on the food chain,” Zen added. Credit: Matt Zen from Fever Fishing Australia via Storyful

Video transcript

- He might.

- I've seen it over here.

- Yeah, boys

- Well, that's it.

- Oh. Oh!

- Oh!

- Oh!

- Good job, mate. Oh!

- Ooh!

- Oh!

- Holy [MUTED]. Holy [MUTED].

- He bit the engine.

- What's happened to the motor?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Seriously, man, he's bit the prop.

- Why is he--

- Oh.

- Let me hit record. Get out of town. This-- seriously, man, this is a problem.

- That's a big problem, guys.


- And the other thing is that if that [INAUDIBLE]

- Holy--

- It wasn't in gear, but man. That's bad, because he's not letting go.

- He's still [INAUDIBLE].

- Let me get a quick-- yeah. Just pulled in this monster.

- Man, what is he? He's 3 meters.

- He has chomped the motor. Aw, man.


- He's huge.

- Beast.

- And he's got to do something to let go of that motor, or we're going to be in--

- Is he alive?


- Man. Wow. I don't know what we're going to do here.