It Was What It Was: we process the latest Love Island cliffhanger... Brad or Chuggs?

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 (ES comp)
(ES comp)

Love Island has left us with another cliffhanger: new Islander Rachel has to chose between northern sweetheart Brad or bucket hat tycoon Chuggs.

We almost threw our TV out of the window when the credits rolled before the name was revealed, but then we remembered we needed to watch it again tonight to find out who she picks.

In this week’s episode of It Was What It Was, we try to analyse where Rachel’s head’s at, and take the temperature of passions in the villa. Spoiler alert: we think we need a jumper. Where’s the chemistry, guys? This is far from the sexy feral poolside antics we were all expecting after a year of social distancing.

How are you enjoying this year’s series? Let us know in the comments below.

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