Love Island viewers thrilled after ‘messy’ truth or dare challenge: ‘Give the producers a raise!’

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Love Island fans expressed their satisfaction with the production team after a “truth or dare” challenge in Tuesday’s (21 June) episode.

After Ikenna and Amber were dumped at the start of the episode, the remaining Islanders were later tasked with completing a game consisting of revealing questions about their fellow villa guests.

Some prompts included asking Indiyah to give a lap dance to, and kiss her favourite Islander. Now single after Ikenna’s departure, Indiyah picked Dami, sparking the start of a romance.

Elsewhere, Jacques was asked to point out the couples he believed had the most and least chances of succeeding in the long term.

Much to Luca’s delight, he and Gemma were picked as Jacques’s strongest couple – while the rugby player then chose Ekin-Su and Jay as the couple that he doesn’t think will last in the outside world.

Another moment that sparked reactions both in the villa and on social media took place when Danica deemed Luca to be the “neediest” of the cast, due to his strong feelings for Gemma.

Though many of the Islanders laughed, Luca was not as pleased with the title and called Danica “jealous” that she hasn’t received his same affections.

A tweet praising the Love Island producers (Twitter)
A tweet praising the Love Island producers (Twitter)
A tweet praising the Love Island producers (Twitter)
A tweet praising the Love Island producers (Twitter)

In response to the challenge, many viewers have used social media to praise the people behind the scenes who brought these moments to life.

“First two weeks have been dead but this last week has made up for it! Give the producers a pay rise!” cheered one satisfied viewer, while another expressed a similar sentiment: “These season 8 producers really need a raise.”

One fan of the show exclaimed: “The producers are MESSY for making them play this game. Keep it coming.”

Another viewer simply thanked the creators of the show for this injection of drama: “Producers, thanks for this episode.”

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2 at 9pm, excluding Saturdays. You can find the review of Monday’s edition of the show here.

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