Professional dating coach shares list of red flags including boyfriend liking other women's photos

A professional dating coach has shared his list of red flags to watch out for in a relationship - including your boyfriend liking other women's photos.

Jacob Lucas, 30, makes a living out of helping peoples in their relationships - and knows all there is to know in the field of dating.

The dating coach, from Westbury, Wiltshire, shared his list of things a woman should never let their boyfriend do in a relationship.

The list includes telling you what you can and can't wear revealing he finds another girl more attractive than you.

The expert warned that liking other women's sexy pictures on social media is "one step away from sliding into her DM's."

His list, comprising of three parts, went viral on TikTok after countless users agreed with his list.

Jacob, known as @jacoblucas101 on social media where he shares endless advice, said: "I decided to make these videos because I talk to many women across the world.

"There's a lot of women experiencing the same negative situations with their partners.

"I wanted to raise awareness so women know to identify these negative behaviours from men and know that they do not need to be tolerated in a relationship.

"I want women to know their worth and know their partners should treat them with respect, kindness and love."

In his first video, he calls out boyfriends who tell girlfriends what they can and can't wear, who they can and can't be friends with and that say they find other girls more attractive than their own girlfriend.

In his second video, posted a day later, he revealed a boyfriend should never control what his girlfriend spends her money on, what she should or shouldn't eat, and when she can and can't go out.

And his third video gave his final three points in the list - liking other women's thirst traps on social media, continuing to talk to his ex when he has a new girlfriend, and telling his girlfriend he could get other women if he wanted.