Professor Brian Cox receives Hawking Fellowship at University of Cambridge

Professor Brian Cox spoke of his dedication to continuing much of Professor Stephen Hawking’s research after he was honoured with the Hawking Fellowship at the University of Cambridge.

The 54-year-old is a professor of particle physics at the University of Manchester and a broadcaster, having presented a number of highly acclaimed science programmes for the BBC including Forces Of Nature and Stargazing Live.

His work explores the deepest of questions using the latest advances in our understanding of quantum theory, black holes, biology, planetary science, astronomy and cosmology.

Brian Cox being awarded the Hawking FellowshiP
Brian Cox being awarded the Hawking Fellowship (Regina Ray/PA)

After being awarded the fellowship by Hawking’s son Tim, Cox delivered a lecture speaking of his ongoing work to continue much of the research that Prof Hawking dedicated his life to.

He told members of the Cambridge Union Society that he was “honoured” to have received the fellowship, having known and worked with Prof Hawking, organisers said.

Cox has also written a series of top-selling books, with his latest book titled Black Holes: The Key To Understanding The Universe, co-authored with Professor Jeffrey Forshaw.