Property Brothers' new collaboration with Michaels is a dream come true editors

HGTV fans, rejoice! As of recent, there's a new way to bring that Property Brothers magic touch into your own home. 

The stars of the hit fixer upper series just launched a new collaboration with Michaels arts and crafts store. The chain is currently the largest custom framer in the United States, so it only made sense that the dominating design duo team up with the retailer. 

"Every time we expand the Scott Living program, we look for partners who raise the bar like we do, who offer quality and professional services. Michaels is the go-to destination, not just for anybody who wants to do something creative or crafty, but for professionals too," explained Jonathan. "Every single detail we brought to them they were able to pull off."

The collaboration includes designs from Jonathan and Drew themselves, who looked to the various aesthetics they've seen over the success of their ten-year career in buying and flipping houses. 

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Drew explained, "I love the fact that we have 38 different finishes in our collection, which you can see includes everything from refined stone to mixed metals and rustic woods. If you have elements within a picture that you want to pull out there's the idea of tying that into what your frame is."

From unique wood grains to pebbles, slates and metallic accents, the Scott collab has your new gallery wall covered. "There's no rules when it comes to framing. You'll see over here on our gallery wall the number of different frames and colors and textures that we have," Drew continued. "We're trying to get people excited about people telling their stories on their walls and not tucking all of their photos or memorabilia away in closets."  

While gallery walls do make a statement, homeowners don't need to shy away from the work or permanence that comes with its installment. Echoed Jonathan, "Most people are afraid to make a big decision like this. The folks at Michaels are pros and know what to recommend. Every single frame we have is on trend and hits every type of style." 

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Though the styles hit the nail on the head (literally), the timelessness of the creations remain. The brothers promise that the selection of their designs will remain on-trend for years to come, which is a great benefit, especially for the reselling value of the home. 

Said Jonathan, "We always believe that every room should have a feature, whether it's a light fixture, furniture piece or whether it's something like a gallery wall. It's so easy, and the rule is that there are no rules. Make sure there is no unintentional weight on one side and it's balanced. You can do anything."

Aside from a gallery wall and fresh paint, there are other investments homeowners can make for reselling purposes. "If you're renovating a house and prepping it to sell, you want to make sure you're not overspending because you want to get as much back as you possibly can," believes Drew. "If you have crooked tiles or baseboards, all those tiny things start to add up to a big negative for buyers. Make sure your house is staged -- it's got to be clean, decluttered." 

"And when you're looking to sell, that's when we say you would depersonalize. So if you had a gallery wall where you had a bunch of personal photos, that's where you'd swap it out," he concluded.  

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