Protective Bird Prevents Aussie Man From Leaving His House

A Cairns man was forced to use his garage to escape his house when an aggressive bird wouldn’t allow him exit via the door.

Adrian Cartlidge filmed a video that shows a curlew spreading its wing and making noises at him in the Mount Sheridan suburb of Cairns, Queensland, on November 23.

“OK, I won’t go outside then,” he tells the bird in the video, adding: “Chill, I’m not gonna get ya.”

Cartlidge told Storyful that the curlew got more aggressive when he tried to open the door. The bird even followed Cartlidge as he attempted to exit from another door.

“It went on for about 10 minutes so we gave up in the end and went to the local park via the garage at the front of the property,” Cartlidge said. Credit: Adrian Cartlidge via Storyful

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