Protest against bullfighting held outside Madrid's Vista Alegre bullring

Animal rights activists protested against bullfighting outside Madrid's famous Vista Alegre bullring. The protest coincided with the start of the bullfighting season for the San Isidro festival. Members of Anima Naturalis and fellow animal rights group CAS International, gathered at the bullring and shouted slogans against animal cruelty and demanding an end to bullfighting. The bullfighting season will start next week with a maximum capacity of 40% of normal, up to a maximum of 6,000 spectators. Yasmina Moreno of Anima Naturalis said: "To remember once again that Madrid is stained with blood, to remind politicians that we ask for courage, that we ask for justice, courage and empathy, yes empathy, to put themselves in the shoes of the most defenceless, of those who cannot defend themselves, those who are condemned to be tortured" "The last minutes of their lives will be full of suffering, they will pierce their lungs, they will stick harpoons in their backs, which will penetrate so that little by little they will bleed out, and when they have spit out even the last drop of blood they will finish killing them, a dagger will separate its head from the rest of its vertebrae, and in many cases the bull will remain conscious, immobile, drowning in its own blood," she said.