Protest in Istanbul against US warships entering Black Sea

This footage was filmed and produced April 14. The United States has informed Turkey that two of its warships will pass through Turkish straits to be deployed in the Black Sea until May 4, Ankara said on Friday, as Russia has bulked up its military forces on Ukraine’s eastern border. The video shows anti-imperialist students protesting against the passage of two US warships to the Black Sea through the Dardanelles and Istanbul Straits. The activists shouted "The US get out of the Black Sea! Revolutionary youth against imperialism is here!", "Yankee go home!", "USA get out, this country is ours", "Down with American imperialism". The press statement read during the protest is as follows: "There is youth against imperialism! The world continues to boil, accompanied by the bombardment of lies by the US imperialism, which declared itself the "power of stability and democracy". In almost every geography from Bolivia to Syria, from Africa to the Caucasus, we witness imperialism's unbearable interventions on the peoples. In our nearby geography, a new one is about to be added to the conflicts and tensions caused by imperialism and its collaborators. With its bloody troops, torture and massacre, the understanding of "taking freedom", the newly elected so-called libertarian president and the peaceful government of the USA; he is preparing to throw up "trouble" over an area once again. US warships sail through the Straits to the Black Sea today. It is said that the ships will remain in the Black Sea until May 4. As a result of the clashes in the Donbass region, the military tension between Russia and Ukraine, and the aggressive move of the USA, the peoples of the region face the danger of falling into a new conflict. With its soldiers using Nazi symbols, fascist paramilitary groups, the Ukrainian administration is conducting aggressive war policies against Russia and the Donbass as a result of the US and EU's guidance. The struggle for hegemony in the region has the potential to transform in a process of destruction for the peoples. Competition, tension and conflicts are rooted in the interests of international monopolies. These interests also produce conflicts at certain points. The search for a new order is accompanied by rivalries, tension and conflicts. US ships that come with the intention of shedding blood, on the other hand, move towards their target using the straits thanks to the collaborative power. On the one hand, AKP declares its determination to accelerate the plundering of natural resources with the canal project, on the other hand, it is opening the Montreux Convention, which has been one of the most important guarantees of peace in the Black Sea for years, for the interests of imperialism. It was once again seen with the ships passing through the straits; The collaborative AKP government enthusiastically participates in all the aggressive moves of the USA, contrary to all patriotism shows. With the support given to the policies of US imperialism to encircle the Black Sea, the AKP's cries of anti-imperialism to mobilize the people once again surfaced. The USA cannot bring anything to a country except exploitation, poverty and war. The USA is the worst enemy of peace and freedom. The millions murdered as a result of imperialism's attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Yugoslavia clearly show what the USA means for the peoples of the region. The imperialist powers become reckless and increase the scale / intensity of their attacks to the extent that they can take the world public opinion behind them or at least render them ineffective. For this reason, it is vital not to remain silent against US imperialism and to struggle with all means. Wars are waged before the eyes of the peoples of the world. It is the duty of all who stand for freedom, independence and peace to say "stop" to this. We, as the anti-imperialist youth of this country, are determined to fulfill this duty! Our problem with imperialism is not just the passage of two ships. Imperialism means monopolies and war, imperialism means exploitation and poverty, imperialism means racism and reaction, imperialism means police baton and US base, imperialism means nature and urban pillage... The youth of this country have always defended independence against imperialism and fought against imperialism for the peoples of the world to live in peace and brotherhood. From here, we declare once again from where the Seas dropped the 6th Fleet to the sea: We will be the winners in this struggle against imperialism and its collaborators!