Protesters Across Serbia Demonstrate Against Election of Vucic, Fearing Authoritarian Style

People gathered in at least 15 Serbian cities on April 4, for a second night of protests against the election of Aleksandar Vucic as president.

In Novi Sad, as many as a thousand university students gathered in the city center to protest, according to local reports. Among their reasons are concerns that Vucic, who served three years as Serbia’s prime minister, has shown something of an authoritarian style, enhanced by the state’s control of media. Some say irregularities occurred in his election to president on April 2.

Vucic, a conservative, claimed 55 percent of the vote, avoiding a runoff and defeating the leading opposition candidate, Sasa Jankovic. The presidential role in Serbia is largely ceremonial, but local commentators expected Vucic to retain his influence on the ruling Progressive Party through the appointment of a loyal successor as prime minister. Credit: YouTube/wolfcafe via Storyful