Protesters Block Rail Tracks at Gare de Lyon in Paris

Protesters lit flares as they marched along the rail tracks at Gare de Lyon in Paris on Tuesday, March 28, the 10th day of nationwide strikes and demonstrations over pension reforms that include raising the retirement age to 64.

Actu Paris, citing a journalist on location, said train traffic was “severely disrupted” with delays of 30 minutes to an hour on the TGV high-speed service. Paris commuter services on at least one line were interrupted until 2 pm, the outlet said.

Le Parisien said several hundred people descended on the major transport hub in protest after a rail worker was injured during a demonstration on Thursday, March 23.

A joint release by trade unions Solidaires and SUD-Rail said the worker, identified as Sebastien, lost an eye due to a stun grenade. Credit: Anthony Toueilles via Storyful