Protesters Clash at Los Angeles School Over a Pride Assembly

Crowds of opposing demonstrators clashed outside a school in Los Angeles, on June 2, over a scheduled Pride event.

This footage, filmed by Kelly Stuart, shows supporters and opponents of a Pride month assembly gathered outside the school prompting police to step in and separate the sides.

Officers were on the scene to “facilitate a peaceful and lawful exercise of constitutional rights,” the Los Angeles Police Department said on Twitter.

According to local news reports the controversy began with an announcement that for Pride month, teachers at Saticoy Elementary would read students Mary Hoffman’s book “The Great Big Book of Families", which highlights diversity.

However, the Los Angeles Times reported that a group of outraged parents launched an Instagram page urging other parents to boycott the assembly.

According to the report, the Los Angeles Unified School District said in a statement it was committed to “creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that embraces the diversity of the communities we serve.” Credit: Kelly Stuart via Storyful

Video transcript

- --that?

- Because it's not logical.

- We saw what they did to [INAUDIBLE].

- Thank you for--

- --just talking about just standing up, being [INAUDIBLE]--

- Happy Pride.

- Oh, you've got--

- You have the [INAUDIBLE].


- --put it on the table.

- Oh, sweet.

- Gas is at $5 a gallon.

- Oh, yes, and--


- It's to make sure that we're safe in this community.

- No a place for sex.

- We'll be all united. And they're welcome to [INAUDIBLE].

- --not as a place for sex. Keep children--


Children have a tough time growing up.

- I feel proud that the community elected--

- So--

- --voted for a lesbian to represent--

- Today, we're all united.


- No one else is gonna put us down. Today, we're gonna show the other side that we're professional. We're love and respect [INAUDIBLE]. We're not [INAUDIBLE].


- Stop grooming our kids!

- Let's get the [INAUDIBLE].

- So today, I would like to bring Caroline, our senator--

- Stop grooming our kids!

- --over here.

- Stop grooming our kids! Stop grooming our kids! So today--

- Stop grooming our kids! Stop grooming our kids! Stop--

- I ask everyone to stand to be together, united today.

- Stop grooming our kids!

- What are you doing? Taking [MUTED] pictures? Take pictures [MUTED].

- OK. See you in the office.

- That guy is blocking [INAUDIBLE].


- Stop grooming our kids! Stop grooming our kids! Stop grooming our kids! Stop grooming our kids!

- (CHANTING) Stop--


- --our kids!

- I don't [MUTED] remind you, everything [INAUDIBLE].

- We don't want this for our kids, Mr. School Administrator. Yeah, you look so-- march for [INAUDIBLE], like Mark [INAUDIBLE] son. Wow, nice [INAUDIBLE], buddy. And you're making way too much money to destroy our children. You're making way too much money to destroy our kids. You're a trigger.

- Hey, bitch, you're in the way. Bitch. Hey, y'all.


- Watch that guy.

- We're not gonna give them what they want.


- I'm gonna [MUTED] scream right now. Tell them to move back. I'll tell everybody.


- We'll be back. We'll be back.

- Bye, sweet homie.

- Yeah, they [INAUDIBLE].

- [INAUDIBLE] 50 years. Take it out! Take it out!


- You're a freak. Don't react. You're a freak. Don't react. You're a freak. Don't react. [MUTED] You're a freak. You're a freak. You're a freak. Don't react. [INAUDIBLE] freak.

- [INAUDIBLE] we're here.

- You're a freak!

- --disgusting. We're just [INAUDIBLE] our kids. We're out of here. We're out of here.

You can have this, a big tranny party. Just make Saticoy Elementary a big trans club. We're taking our kids out.

- Principal Awakian, where are you?

- LA Unified, you suck.

- Principal Awakian, please come and answer your people. Your children, your students' parents are here. Why did you do this? Why don't you start this? Where are you?

- The majority of the people [INAUDIBLE] do not agree with this.

- I'll take them out.

- This is the majority.

- To the person with the mic who's so proud, why are your wearing that mask? Where are you?

- I gotta stop this. This is a peaceful protest against LAUSD. This is a peaceful protest against LAU--

- Oh, yeah, [INAUDIBLE].

- Stop grooming our kids!

- Propaganda about their sex lives. Adults do not need to talk to kids about sex! Adults need to stop grooming kids. Sex is not a topic our kids are ready for.