Protesters and Police Face Off as Argentine Senate Approves Controversial State Reform

Protesters and police faced off in Buenos Aires as senators debated and narrowly approved the Ley de Bases, a key reform for Javier Milei’s government aimed at transforming Argentina’s economic and social model.

The vote ended in a 36-36 tie, which was broken by Vice President Victoria Villarruel, who cast the deciding vote in favor of the law.

The reform package includes measures to reform the state, privatize certain public entities, introduce changes to labor and pension laws, and grants the executive branch extraordinary powers to manage diverse emergencies for one year.

The president’s office said this was the most “ambitious legislative reform in forty years” and stated that “terrorist groups … attempted to perpetrate a coup d’etat.”

More than 1,000 police officers were deployed, more than twenty people were arrested, and around 20 police officers were injured, local media reported. Credit: Joaquin Rosales via Storyful

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