Protesters Rally Outside New Jersey Home After Man's Offensive Rant is Captured on Video

Protesters gathered outside the home of a man in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, on July 5, after he was charged with the “harassment” and “biased intimidation” of his neighbor.

Police said a woman reported being continually harassed by her neighbor, Edward Cagney Mathews, on Friday. Police said an investigation was conducted after a video showing Mathews “shouting offensive and racial slurs at his neighbors” circulated on social media.

Mathews, 45, was then charged with harassment and biased intimidation, according to police. Local media citing police said Mathews was taken back into custody on Tuesday and could face additional charges.

Footage streamed live by Jenay Gamble shows a large crowd gathered outside the Mathews’ house, chanting “black lives matter”. Credit: Jenay Gamble via Storyful

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