Protesters Set Off Fireworks and Clash With Police During 'Million Mask March' in London

Large crowds of protesters clashed with police at the ‘Million Mask March’ in London on November 5, injuring eight officers, the Metropolitan Police Service said.

Police made 12 arrests after a dispersal order was authorized for areas across Westminster.

According to local media, protesters set fire to an effigy of Boris Johnson in Trafalgar Square.

Video filmed by Jenna Stroulger shows protesters setting off fireworks and flares in Parliament Square. Some protesters can be seen wearing Guy Fawkes-style masks at the annual event that takes place on Guy Fawkes Night.

“Some have struck people or exploded near to the crowd, this could cause very serious injury,” police said. “We have moved into the crowd to remove any fireworks and prevent people coming to harm.”

Protesters are heard chanting “We pay your salary” and “Resist, defy, do not comply” to officers later in the footage. Credit: Jenna Stroulger via Storyful

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