Protesters try to storm stage at Shell AGM

STORY: Climate protesters tried to the storm the stage at Shell's annual general meeting Tuesday (May 23).

Security staff shielded CEO Wael Sawan and the firm's board of directors during the event.

The protests delayed the meeting, and demonstrators were eventually carried out by security staff.

Barnaby Wynter is an anti-Shell protester.

"The people rose up against Shell, we flash mobbed their big fancy AGM for all their shareholders with a song all about their greenwashing ways and all their lies and how they're continuing to destroy a lot of people's lives around the world."

The protesters want Shell to move faster to tackle climate change.

It's a view shared by a vocal minority of institutional shareholders, but other investors also want the firm to capture profits from oil and gas.

Tuesday's meeting will see a vote an a resolution calling on the company to set more ambitious targets for cutting emissions.

Katie Burrell is another climate protester.

"Companies like Shell are making massive profits at everyone's expense. So I put my pride aside to look a bit like an idiot just to help people stop and have a conversation with us and help persuade them to recognise how bad the climate crisis is."

A company spokesperson said Shell welcomed constructive engagement.

They also pointed to Shell's plans to become a net carbon zero company by 2050.

Scientists say the world needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions by around 43% by 2030 from 2019 levels.

That to meet commitments in the Paris Agreement on climate change.