Protestors have stormed the latest Drag Queen book reading event

Sab Samuel, 27, who runs Story Hour UK as drag character Aida H Dee, was due to read to kids at 11am at Henleaze Library in Bristol.

Protestors and supporters clashed with one saying they planned on putting Aida - who grew up in Bristol - under citizen's arrest.

The event was scheduled to begin around 11am but was delayed.

It was one of six shows across the city in the next two days - it is unclear if the others will go ahead.

The group of around 15 protesting against the storytelling say Aida is "illegally grooming children."

The protest group were shouting chants and carrying signs that read: "Stop grooming kids", "Wake up this is child abuse" and "Leave the kids alone."

A spokesperson from the group at the scene explained: "Aida works in the sex industry as an adult entertainer.

''This is grooming and it's illegal. So we are performing a citizens arrest, if we can't do it today, we will.''

The protestor, shouting from behind Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall' blaring from speakers, said: "If you have to normalise something that is not normal - it is not normal!

"No one under the age of 11 needs to know explicit facts about sex and drag queens."

Filmed on 28th July 2022

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